Woollard & Henry Ltd fully manufacture a wide range of ABS/CE Certified, Personnel Transfer devices for the offshore/energy industries. We also inspect, service and re-certify client owned transfer devices and supply spare parts worldwide.

The FROG offers a fully featured solution designed to minimise the risk involved in crane assisted personnel transfers and is available in 3, 6 & 9 person capacities to meet varying transfer needs.

The FROG is established in the offshore industry with a track record spanning over a decade, and is used to carry out over a million passenger transfers a year.

The TORO is an innovative transfer capsule designed with the user's experience in mind.

The XT is the latest evolution in crane-assisted personnel transfer for the Offshore Industry. Building on design principles of existing devices, the XT combines passenger protection, speed of entry and exit and a highly intuitive ride experience all at a very competitive price. It is available in 4, 6 & 10 person capacity.